A desire for clarity and logic drives my quilt making in its monumental scale, radiant color and complex relationships. In my multiple roles of citizen, artist, teacher, daughter, wife, mother, and friend, I embrace the aspects of my life much as I coordinate the complexities in my art practice that empower me in the face of adversity. My choices as I negotiate these roles are influenced by many factors, including growing up on the Southside of Chicago. In my quilts I locate structure and support in the midst of chaos to create a visual environment that has logic, clarity, rhythm and emotional presence that vibrates beyond language.  The process of making mirrors the process of creating my life and identity as a woman of color.  Repeated form, pattern, detail, and color relationship allow me to imagine that each piece tells a nonlinear short story and conveys a particular visceral experience. The variables of color and form are repeated to create a dense and balanced visual orchestration that reflects multiple thoughts, actions and feelings that inform a conscious life.